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Battle of Montagnola

BOLOGNA DA QUEL MOMENTO FU LIBERA - BOLOGNA 1848-1859: Historical Reenactment

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30 June 2019 Ore 16:00

Piazza dell'8 Agosto

Piazza dell'8 Agosto , Bologna, (BO)

at 11.00 Training of groups of historical reenactors in the Montagnola Park, with demonstration of battle techniques.
at 16.00 Reenactment of the Battle of Montagnola of August 8, 1848.

Main event of the exhibition with 250 figures in historical and uniform clothes, rifles, cannons and barricades. The figures give life to the battle between the Bolognese civilian population and the Austrian troops.
at 17.00 Thanks and awarding of certificate of participation to groups of reenactors

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