Gran Ballo dell'Unità d'Italia

FATTA L'ITALIA! - BOLOGNA 1861-2021: Historical Reenactment

Traditional Grand Ball of the Unification of Italy, at its 25th edition. Starting from The Game of the Goose of the Unification of Italy, granted by the Civic Museum of the Risorgimento in Bologna, the event will cover the most significant stages in the history of Bologna and Italy from 1801 to 1861. The game of the Goose Unity of Italy, reworked here, was conceived in 1996 by the teachers Maria Grazia Bonfiglioli and Maria Teresa Ganzerla; graphics by Claudio Pesci. Sixty dancers and reenactors of 8cento APS, will give life to the great event in the square, this year in collaboration with the Fanfara Garibaldina Battaglione Petronio Setti, the Teatro dell'Argine from San Lazzaro di Savena, the Battaglione Estense and the Compagnia del Pallone Grosso from Monte San Savino.

In case of rain, the event will be postponed to Sunday 23 May at 5.00 pm

The event has an audience with 180 seats. The public can enter from one hour before the start of the show. Mandatory mask correctly worn for the duration of the event (only surgical or FFP2 type without exhalation valve). Maintain an interpersonal safety distance (except for cohabitants). In case of fever higher than 37.5°, cold and / or cough it is not allowed to participate.
Free event, but with reservations required at:
8cento APS:, 051 373102, 340 2719343 (also whatsapp)


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