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Departure of the Garibaldini Volunteers

PARTO CON GARIBALDI - BOLOGNA 1860: Historical reenactment

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30 August 2020 Ore 21:00

Arena Pasolini

Arena Pasolini , Bologna, (BO)

Commemoration of the departure of the Bolognese volunteers, experienced at the time as a village festival with the citizens who accompanied the volunteer by parading through the streets of the city.

The event includes the presence of the musicians of the Fanfara Garibaldina del Battaglione "Petronio Setti" of Crevalcore, some reenactors in Garibaldian clothes who stage the volunteers, and several figures in popular and nineteenth-century costumes. The episode will take place with the staging of the volunteer's departure, accompanied by stories taken from the letters of the volunteers read by Gloria Gulino of Istantanea Teatro, and by scenes of dances and short concerts with music of the time on a special script created for the occasion.

Originally scheduled for August 4, and moved due to bad weather, the Pier Paolo Pasolini park, with its Arena, is the third of the four parks in Bologna where the event will be held.

Participation is free but with reservations required. Booking is possible:
- by sending an email to info@8cento.org
- by calling or sending a message to 3402719343
- through 8cento social networks

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