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ITALY IS MADE! - BOLOGNA 1861-2021: Historical Reenactment

Secret reunions, murders, love affairs, suicides, scams. The monumental cemetery was a much less silent and peaceful place than one thinks. A journey of discovery together with the costumed figures of 8cento Aps and the nineteenth-century songs of the Choral Quadrivium, accompanied by the words of the Bolognese who described curious, tragic and amusing events that took place inside the walls of the Certosa.

Participation 4 euros, reduced 3 euros. Reservations required by writing to In the event of governmental indications that prevent the presence of the public, the event will take place online. Meeting 15 minutes earlier at the main entrance (church courtyard), via della Certosa 18.
To participate: The number of places will be limited and each participant must keep the mask correctly worn for the entire stay in the Certosa and keep a safe distance with other people (except cohabitants). Cash payment is possible only if counted and delivered in a closed and transparent envelope: it is not possible to give any change. In case of temperature above 37.5 ° and symptoms of cold and / or cough, it is not possible to participate. The visit will also take place in case of bad weather.
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