Trekking dell'Unità d'Italia

FATTA L'ITALIA! - BOLOGNA 1861-2021: Historical Reenactment

Itinerary in the city to recall Bolognese facts and events that contributed to national unification

In the year of the 160th anniversary of the Unification of Italy, an itinerary is created that runs through the streets and alleys of the city with some stops in front of historic buildings and squares to tell and stage the most significant episodes in the history of the Risorgimento, enhancing the events in the area.

Duration 2 hours.

The group of participants will be accompanied by Mirtide Gavelli, of the Civic Museum of the Risorgimento in Bologna.
Reenactments by 8cento APS

Program and Itinerary:
18.00 Departure from Garibaldi Statue via dell'Indipendenza
via dell’Indipendenza - via de' Falegnami - Piazzetta della Pioggia
18.15 Tanari Palace
via Galliera
18.30 San Benedetto Church
via San Giuseppe
18.40 Arena del Sole
18.50 Piazza VIII Agosto
via Venturini - via delle Moline - via de’ Castagnoli - Largo Respighi
19.10 Municipal Theater
via Zamboni
19.25 Asinelli Tower
via Castiglione
19.35 Pepoli Palace
19.45 via Clavature
19.50 Piazza Maggiore
20.00 conclusion

How to participate:
Free participation, reservation needed.
Availability of 25 places
Obligatory mask correctly worn for the duration of the event (only surgical or FFP2 type without exhalation valve). Maintain an interpersonal safety distance (except for cohabitants). In case of fever higher than 37.5 °, cold and / or cough it is not allowed to participate.

Info: - 051 225583
Info e iscrizioni: - 051 373102 - 340 2719343 (anche WhatsApp)
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