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Conference - ... I am Italy great and one

ITALY IS MADE! - BOLOGNA 1861-2021: Historical Reenactment

17 March 2021 Ore 20:30

...I am Italy great and one

A dialogue between history and memory 160 years after Italian unification

With Roberto Balzani, Mirtide Gavelli, Elena Musiani. On March 17, 1861, the first parliament of united Italy was inaugurated and that historical phase of building the nation that had taken the name of the Risorgimento ended. A season of political struggles that began with the ideas of the French Revolution, which brought about not only political, but also economic and social change in a country which, although united, still remained rich in fractures and contradictions. 160 years after that date, a dialogue is proposed between history and memory, known and lesser known biographies, of men and women who made "Italy".

By the Bologna Committee of the Institute of the History of the Italian Risorgimento; the Civic Museum of the Risorgimento in Bologna and with the collaboration of the 8cento Association.

The conference opens the historic Revocation of 2021: Italy is Made!

Free appointment with mandatory reservation by writing to museorisorgimento@comune.bologna.it by 9 am on Wednesday 17 March.

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