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Upcoming events

Workshop, Highland and Grand Ball


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12 July 2019 Ore 18:00

Lunetta Gamberini

Via degli Orti 65, Bologna, (BO)

8.00 - 11.00 p.m.

Live music with: Muriel Johnstone at the piano

Teacher: Bill Zobel

MC: Alessia Branchi

Dances Program

1. Be Seeing You (x32J)
2. Time to Meet (4x32R)
3. Albatrosses And Shearwaters (3x32S)
4. Kendall's Hornpipe (8x32J)
5. The Portincaple Oak (32S+32R)
6. The Music Makars (8x32R)
7. Miss Allie Anderson (8x32J)
8. Up in the Air (8x32S)
9. Miss Betty Boyle (8x32R)


10. The Tantalus Jig (5x32J)
11. A New Beginning (8x32R)
12. Tom's Friends (1x96S)
13. Shoulder to Shoulder (8x40J)
14. The Highland Rambler (8x40R)
15. It wisnae me (4x32S)
16. Bill Clement MBE (8x32J)
17. The Reel of the Royal Scots (8x32R)


18. The Eightsome Reel (464R)
19. Duke of Perth (8x32R)



Friday, December 13rd, 2013

8.00 - 9.15 p.m. Beginner/Intermediate
9.15 - 10.30 p.m. Intermediate/Advanced

Palestra Scuola Irnerio, Via Finelli 2, Bologna, Italy

Highland Class

Saturday, December 14th, 2013

10.00 - 11.15 a.m. Intermediate/Advanced

Palestra Scuola Irnerio, Via Finelli 2, Bologna, Italy

Ball: 15 € - Workshop: 10 € - Highland Class: 8 €

For information and booking: contact us


Advice on accomodation:

There are lots of accomodation possibilities in Bologna.

Take a look at the official web site of Bologna city, www.bolognawelcome.com

Or try a web search engine as www.trivago.com if you are looking for a Hotel.

You can also use www.bed-and-breakfast-in-italy.com if you are looking for a B&B.


Please consider that the most popular annual regional fair

(Motor Show) takes place in Bologna from December 7th to 15th.

This means that accomodations are going to be shortly booked out

and prices will increase up to 200% as closer as you get to such dates.

Our suggestion is to book your accomodations as soon as possible!

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