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Military Parade and Historical Episodes

BOLOGNA DA QUEL MOMENTO FU LIBERA - BOLOGNA 1848-1859: Historical Reenactment

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29 June 2019 Ore 15:00

Via Indipendenza

Via dell'Indipendenza , Bologna, (BO)

at 15.00 Military and historical parade.

Reenactors in strict historical uniforms and nineteenth-century dresses figures, will parade in via dell’Indipendenza until Piazza del Nettuno; the parade will be opened by the Gaggese Band Corp.

At the end of the parade, in the Piazza del Nettuno, the Gaggese Band Corp will performs a short concert.
at 16.00 First historical episode, via Ugo Bassi and via Nazario Sauro.

Reenactment of the proclamation of Marshal Welden, which establishes the areas of the city reserved for the Austrian armies.
at 17.00 Second historical episode, piazza Santo Stefano.

Reenactment of clashes occurred in a tavern between Austrian soldiers and Bolognese citizens who shows the increase of tensions in the city.
at 18.00 Third historical episode, Via del Baraccano 2.

Representation of the assault of Austrian soldiers at one house to evoke the capture of some citizens, with a scene of sword duels between Austrian soldiers and Bolognese citizens.

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