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Scottish Country Dances

Helen Russell - 2007

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12-16 novembre 2007


Questo libretto di 28 pagine in formato 7,5x12 (cm) raccoglie le danze scozzesi studiate durante le lezioni tenute da Helen Russell, insegnante della Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, durante la settimana ad esse dedicate nel mese di novembre dell'anno 2007.


Alice’s Request - Jig

Balmoral Strathspey - Strathspey

Black Donald - Jig

Border Meeting - Jig

Catch the Wind - Reel

The Coanwood Stuarts - Jig

Collie Law - Jig

Come Under my Plaidie - Jig

The De’il Among the Tailors - Reel

Dina Roger - Jig

Edinburgh Jigs - Jig

The Ferry Louper - Jig

The Frisky - Jig

Good Hearted Glasgow - Jig

The Highland Fair - Jig

Highlandman’s Umbrella - Reel

Hope Little’s Strathspey - Strathspey

The Moudiewort - Jig

Lady Dumfries - Reel

New Caledonia Jig - Jig

Off to Speyside - Jig

The Robertson Rant - Strathspey

The Rothesay Rant - Jig

Stepping It Out - Jig

Jessie’s Hornpipe - Reel

Novembre 2007

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