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Scottish Country Dances

Helen Russell - 2008

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15-16 novembre 2008


Questo libretto di 24 pagine in formato 7,5x12 (cm) raccoglie le danze scozzesi studiate durante le lezioni tenute da Helen Russell, insegnante della Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, durante lo Scottish Country Dance Week-end in Italy tenutosi a Bologna il 15 e 16 novembre 2008.


The Auld Grey Cat - Reel

Bonnie Geordies Wig - Reel

Cabbages and Kings - Jig

The Carl Cam’ Ower the Croft - Reel

Collichur - Jig

The Glen Jig - Jig

The Highlandman Kissed his Mother - Reel

The Jubilee Jig - Jig

Lord Elgin’s Reel - Strathspey

My Friend Joe - Strathspey

Peggy Dewar - Reel

The RAMC Rant - Reel

The Reel of the Royal Scots - Reel

Novembre 2008

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