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Trekking Garibaldino

PARTO CON GARIBALDI - BOLOGNA 1860: Historical reenactment

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8 September 2020 Ore 20:00

Piazza Maggiore

Piazza Maggiore , Bologna, (BO)

Accompanied by Sanzio Campanini, expert of CAI paths and Giuseppe Garibaldi's paths, the group of participants will walk through the streets of the city in compliance with the rules of the road, using sidewalks and arcades, along a historical path on the Bolognese places linked to Garibaldi and Garibaldi's soldiers.
The trek will end at the Hotel Il Guercino with a moment of music and dance in the company of the Garibaldi band "Petronio Setti" and the dancers of 8cento.


1 18.30 Piazza Maggiore Departure of the route
2 18.45 Piazza Roosvelt Continue along via Rismondo, via Livraghi, Via IV Novembre, via Portanova, via Testoni, Galleria del Toro, via Ugo Bassi, via Nazario Sauro, via Monte Grappa, via Porta di Castello, via Galliera, via de' Falegnami
3 19.10 Via dell'Indipendenza Garibaldi statue
Continue along via San Giuseppe, via Galliera
4 19.25 Piazza XX Settembre Continue along Galliera bridge,, via Matteotti, via Tiarini, via Luigi Serra
5 20.00 Hotel il Guercino Conclusion of the route, music, dances and small refreshments

Participation is free but with reservations required (max 20 people). Booking is possible:
- by sending an email to info@8cento.org
- by calling or sending a message to 3402719343
- through 8cento social networks

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