of “The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society – Northern Italy Branch”

September, year two-thousand-and-eleven in Via Martiri Monte Sole 21, Bologna met the following people:


Article 1) They claim that they constitute a cultural association called “The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society – Northern Italy Branch”, not for profit, of unlimited duration, based in via Ferretti 27, Mason Vicentino (VI).

Article 2) The Association “The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society – Northern Italy Branch” is recognized in the Constitution and objectives of the association “The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society” of Edinburgh, Scotland.

Article 3) The purpose of the “The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society – Northern Italy Branch” shall be to advance the education of the public in the North Italy area and its neighbourhood in traditional Scottish country dancing as recreational and representative aspects, social gathering, art, culture, performance. In furtherance thereof: to preserve and further the practice of traditional Scottish country dancing; to provide, or assist in providing, special education or instruction in the practice of Scottish country dancing; to promote/publish, by all available means, information and music relating to Scottish country dancing, and in particular, to publish or cause to be publisher descriptions of Scottish Country dance with music and diagram in simple form and at moderate price; to collect books, manuscripts, illustrations, and other memorabilia relating to the Scottish country dancing and to the Society; generally to do such other things as are or may be considered by the Society to further the foregoing objects of “The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society” of Edinburgh in the North Italy district area.

Article 4) Which members of the Management Board of the Association for the first three years are designated from now the following people:


The appointed members of the Management Board state to accept the charge given to them.

Article 5) Can be member of the Association all persons aged 12 years or over interested in its purposes. Members are required to pay an annual fee whose amount is set annually by the Annual General Meeting. For the first year is set at € 7,00.

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